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  • We have
    Industry Heroes for every industry we champion

Our Industry Heroes

Our team are experts in their fields.

We have Industry Heroes for every industry we champion.  

It’s your Industry Hero’s job to ensure they keep up to date with the latest in your industry.

This means your Industry Hero will understand the specific current financial and legal requirements for your industry understand your industry’s competitive environment and help you to ensure your business activities are competitive, maximised and compliant.


  • Farming - Llew, Natasha and Melinda
  • Building / Construction -
  • Property / Real Estate - Melissa
  • Managed Investments - Melissa
  • RTO’s (Registered Training Organizations) - Bianca
  • Hospitality - Llew and Terry
  • Wineries - Llew 
  • High Net Worth Individuals - Stacey, Ryan and Tyler
  • Transport / Trucking - Melinda
  • Medical and Pharmacies - Bianca
  • Online Import/Export (growing industry) - Bianca
  • Manufacturing - Melinda and Melissa
  • Self-managed Super Funds - Stacey, Natasha and Melissa

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