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  • Helping you enjoy
    A successful and sustainable business

LG Accounting Solutions

We concentrate on the business and wealth creation stuff to help you enjoy:

  • A successful and sustainable business
  • Better cash flow
  • A more valuable business asset for on-sale and succession
  • More sustainable wealth
  • A better lifestyle now
  • Retirement security
  • Security for your family and kids

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Invite Llew or Natasha to take a complimentary look at your business financials

We’re confident in who we are and value open and honest relationships. We believe that’s the only way we can best help our clients.


I met Llew through his work with Bird Cameron 21 years ago.  I knew he had the qualities of an excellent accountant when he was asked to look after the start of GST for that company. We moved our books with Llew when he started his own practice 14 years ago, a decision I am very happy with.

I have always found Llew to be very approachable and helpful on all facets of business and he has a great knowledge of all tax implications. With the team he has behind him and team meetings on a regular basis, problems are solved quickly.

- Marty Lundy -

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