1. For you


We want our customers to feel...

we’re in business together

We hope that in the day to day of looking after you as a client, that everything we do makes you feel supported and that we’ve got your back. Let us know how we can better support you.

2. For the greater good


At LG Accounting Solutions we believe that being in business is not just about creating value for our clients, it’s also about how we can use our success to help others.

We are a youthful company and are passionate about supporting the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of our youth

Our Global Vision is - to grow the good in youth.

We are activating our Global Vision by investing our expertise, time, money and human powers into youth focussed charitable organisations to help them grow the good they can do in their communities.

We also invite our team to take part in company team charity events and pay every team member to volunteer a day of their time a year to an initiative that grow’s the good in youth.


One of our Directors Natasha Lie is proving to be an example to us all.

Me after 95 km ride in lano 2 2

She is currently training for the Hawaiian Ride for Youth in 2015, a 680 km ride from Albany to Perth.

The Hawaiian Ride for Youth raises money for Youth Focus an organisation whose aim is the prevention of teenage suicide, self-harm and depression.  Youth Focus provides free counselling services to Western Australian youth in need, including providing free counsellors to ‘at risk’ schools in metropolitan and regional areas.  The ride visits some of these schools on their way from Albany to Perth.

LGAS has donated $10,000 to this cause over the past 2 years, by sponsoring two of our clients and now one of our own directors has been inspired to take part in the flesh! Well done Natasha!!

You can help Natasha’s fund raising efforts by donating to her.

Donate to Natasha today




Another initiative we support is the Micro Loan Foundation.  We were given a great presentation by Kirsten Shearn from the Inspiration Factory about how we can help.  

So we have committed to donating $500 per month for the next 10 months (2013 – 2014) to this amazing international charitable organisation.  This organisation ticked all the boxes for us:

  • It provides loans (of as little as $50) to women in Malawi so they can afford to set up their own businesses. We see ourselves as business partners to our clients – so this is a perfect way to positively and meaningfully extend our business partnerships.
  • The women work collaboratively in their community and earn money to improve their homes and provide food, healthcare and education for their children – Growing the good in youth.
  • The women are supported by the Micro Loan Foundation team in their community and are educated about good business and financial management – Music to our ears!
  • They also must pay back the loans. This is an empowering way to give these women a hand up not a hand out.  
  • All of their loan repayments are recycled to provide more loans for more women to trade their way out of poverty. As accountants we also love seeing money work!
  • This is a business model that is self-sustaining and reduces the need for future aid.

Our team is getting motivated and behind the initiative through lunch time talks and finding creative ways to raise money to contribute to our donations.

We are also inviting all of our customers, suppliers and partners to be a part of this initiative and support our efforts.

Donate to Micro Loan Foundation


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