We got together and over a number of brainstorming sessions explored who we are as a collective.  

We were happy to discover that even though we are very different individuals, we are also very aligned in who we are, how we want to work, what we want to achieve for ourselves and our business and how we want to grow our relationships with our clients and each other.

Let us share our personality and values with you!


We are...

  • Fun, like to laugh, a little crazy, quirky, colourful
  • We like action, thrills and excitement, we are adventurous
  • Like comfort and luxury, we have fine taste, stylish, silver service/good quality, we enjoy the experience of a fine restaurant
  • Love food, like to drink, like to wine and dine (invite us to dinner anytime)!
  • We think outside the box, like new ideas, like to keep informed, we understand the bigger picture, we’re interested in technology
  • We’re conscious of world issues, have a conscience, multi-cultural, give back
  • We like to be healthy inside and out
  • Successful,  aspirational
  • Practical, down to earth
  • We want a real relationship with our clients’
  • We want to make a positive impact on everyone who touches our business.

If we were a famous person, we would be Richard Branson because he is...

  • successful, down to earth, understands the bigger picture, has a great business brain, is quirky, creative, keeps fit, is a visionary – he’s flying into space for goodness sake,  he’s adventurous, fun, charitable, gives back, wants to make a positive impact.

We are friends with many of our clients – if we sound like a business that could help you and that you would like to deal with, organize a complimentary meeting with Llew or Tash or one of our industry heroes.

Organize a complimentary meeting

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