Our Values

Guide and fuel our energy as a business. Our Values are our guidelines for how we conduct ourselves in our business.

We are working hard to activate and live our values in our day to day. Because we know that by living our values our working lives become more meaningful and we can create greater trust and respect within our team and with you.

We had fun coming up with these values and even speed dated them and their meanings just to check that we all understood them, were really attracted to them and genuinely felt we could love and live them.

We’re inquisitive.  We love to look at a situation from all angles and create new inspired solutions.

We know that looking after you and your success - is the road to our success.

We’re confident in who we are and value open and honest relationships. We believe that’s the only way we can best help our clients.

We’re here to openly share of ourselves - our knowledge, our skills, our respect, a laugh.

We respect the trust you give us. You can rely on us to look after your best interests.  

We believe work and play belongs together!

We also had great fun testing our values with our team on Rotto in July 2013. This included an Amazing Race Style event – called the Amazing Values Challenge.

We were tested to our limits of living our values through icecream tasting and eating, sand castle building, bike riding, Richard Branson finding, puzzle solving and information gathering.

If you would like to do this for your team, visit Concious Business website.

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