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Boosting Apprenticeships Scheme for Businesses – Explainer

The Australian Federal Government’s Boosting Apprenticeships Scheme program could be a fantastic opportunity for your business.

With the scheme you could find a great new staff member, and save money on their wage while doing it.

That’s because the scheme is a wage subsidy.

The Government will subsidise up to 50% of the wage of an apprentice or trainee who qualifies.

While the title of the boosting apprenticeships scheme has apprenticeships in it, it actually can apply to office trainees as well. That includes admin staff.

The amount the Government will subsidise it up to $56,000. That means you can get up to a $28,000 subsidy for a staff member who qualifies.

With the strong economic times we are currently experiencing, you might be looking to add more admin staff. This scheme is a great way to do that.

The scheme runs until June 30th this year, so get in quick.

Find out more about the scheme here.

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