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3 Ways Inspiration Could Make Your Business Profit Increase

Inspiration and profit aren’t commonly thought of together, but if you want your business to be successful, inspiration is something you’ll benefit from. Business, profit and inspiration all go hand-in-hand.

Inspiration comes from within.

Inspiration is one of our core values here at LGAS and it is something we think has been critical for the success of our business over the past two decades. We think that the purpose and direction which is provided by inspiration makes business worth it even when things are harder than usual. If you have been around business for a while, like we have, you’ll understand that every business has ups and downs. During those downs, having a core purpose and inspiration is critical to make sure your business comes out the other side.

1) Inspiration gives you vision

Having a vision is critical for a business. Your vision is something akin to the ultimate goal of your business and for your business. Your vision includes how you want your business to be on the inside including things like your operating productivity, and what you want your business to deliver for your customers. It includes the value you add to your employees and the value you add to your customers.

Inspiration is the driving factor for your company vision. Usually when someone starts a business they are inspired by solving a problem for a customer or entering the market in a way where they know they can satisfy the demands of potential customers.

This is ultimately what you want to achieve as a business and are inspired towards. Your business inspiration produces that vision.

And in the end of the day, that vision is what drives your profit. If you have a vision that you make reality for your business where you provide value for your employees and you provide value for your customers, your business will be successful. In other words, you’ll make profit.

2) Inspiration gives you goals

Inspiration provides you with smaller goals to drive your business week to week, month to month and year to year, and achieving those goals in turn provides you with more inspiration.

Your broader vision for your business provides you with an over-arching goal, but your vision for the next week, month and year provides you with smaller targets to achieve and changes to make. These smaller goals are critical because the bigger goals for your business you have will never come to fruition if you do not achieve the smaller goals along the way.

The best part about the relationship between inspiration and the smaller goals in your business is that when you achieve the smaller goals you get a burst of inspiration. That burst of inspiration propels you onwards and helps you move further towards the big goals you have for your business.

According to Scott Barry Kaufman writing for the Harvard Business Review, “those who scored higher on the Inspiration Scale displayed increased goal progress, and their progress was a result of setting more inspired goals.”

When you achieve those goals, you will make profit.

3) Inspiration sees you through the whole journey

Many business owners may ask themselves “what is my ultimate goal?” and that ultimate goal will end up being something like a successful sale of their business where they achieve a high cash return on all their hard work and effort over the years.

The sale of your business can provide a tremendous amount of inspiration, and that inspiration can take your business from point A to point B as described above during the time you’re in it.

Further, you can be inspired by how your business looks after you exit. What is your legacy? How will you make sure your legacy is something you’re proud of?

If you would like help making your business inspirational, get in touch.

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